Stander and Company

Firm Overview & Mission

Stander & Company was founded on December 1, 2005.

The fundamental idea behind the firm is to provide “Litigation and Mediation Solutions” to our clients, which my firm does by offering a wide variety of civil and administrative litigation services, and mediation of various civil disputes.

My philosophy about disputes is that every one of them has a solution.

For those that I litigate, the key is to provide my clients with practical, cost-effective, and timely advice and representation, to assist them in achieving their personal or business goals in their litigation.  There is no “one size fits all” approach taken – each  solution is tailor-made to fit the particular law suit.  Some cases will go to trial, and many will be resolved along the way – we help find the right path. Whatever is required, whether traditional litigation through the courts or novel alternative resolution, we use innovation, imagination, and hard work to get results.

For those that I mediate, or negotiate, the key is to help the participants find and recognize the solutions to their disputes, articulate them, and then formulate them into lasting settlements. Again, we use innovation, imagination, and hard work to achieve results. We help our mediation clients move from dispute to resolution.