Stander and Company

Stander & Company will be closed on Sept. 30, 2021, to observe a day of respect for our First Nations’ heritage and culture. While we do not agree with the Orwellian name chosen for the day, and we are greatly disappointed that the federal government has not had the courage to declare it a proper Canada-wide statutory vacation for all purposes, we intend to use the day to honour the history, many struggles and hardships, and enduring legacy of the aboriginal peoples of Canada. It is our hope that other businesses and people will do likewise.

The mother of our administrator, Veronica Stander (Delwen Stander’s mother-in-law) was a survivor of the residential school system.  She passed away several years ago – she did not live to see either truth or reconciliation.

We look forward to the day when our governments cease paying mere lip service to the issues facing our First Nations, cease exploiting their crises and issues for political posturing and gain, and actively set about repealing the outdated and objectionable “Indian Act”.

God bless our First Nations.  God bless us all.  Kukstec-kuc Tqelt Kukpi7.

Delwen Stander