Stander and Company

What a hectic, exciting, but intensely enjoyable couple of years have just flown by!

Our firm has been very busy in the last while, with many interesting cases proceeding for our clients, and some challenging and rewarding mediation work. Our insurance practice remains vibrant, while the civil litigation and administrative law portions of our work have added greatly to our case load. Our mediation work in the last 2 years has involved such diverse issues as commercial tenancy disputes, partnership asset distribution, and even resolution of conflict in a non-profit organization. Our client base continues to expand, and we have picked up additional national clients to compliment our local and B.C.-based clients.

Our staff has continued to be our most valuable asset, and we have experienced no turnover. Their constant loyalty is a blessing. Of particular note, our receptionist, Anna, took a 3 month hiatus from the firm to volunteer in Ghana at an orphanage, where she taught school to youngsters. While we missed her, she came back enriched by her experience, and we were happy to see her grow, and contribute to her future success not just by sending her along with some firm funds, but also by giving her the time off.

We are currently in our third year of raising funds for our community, through various donations. We have our own “casual Friday” donation scheme, which calls on us all to chip in to the donation bank. We also have slated, for the second year, all notarization fees for charity. Delwen does all notarizations “for free”, and simply asks clients who use this service to donate some sum to our designated community charities for each year. Currently, the three for 2008 are Chilliwack Community Services, the Rice Raiser Campaign, and the Freedom from Abuse Society. We hope to exceed $1,000.00 in these specific donations this year alone.

Just this month, Delwen was honoured by the community, by being named one of the 100 Most Influential People in Chilliwack, in the Chilliwack Progress – the only sole practitioner lawyer to be named. This was gratifying to all of us in the firm. We hope that we are known not just for influence, but for positive influence, which benefits all. After all, we continue to live the belief that our practice is not just a business, but our opportunity to make a contribution to the betterment of our clients, our community, our country, and our world. We hope that our influence will always ameliorate suffering, resolve conflict, and create peace.

As we approach our third anniversary on December 1, 2008, we thank all of our clients, our staff, our professional and business colleagues, and our friends and family for their continued support and encouragement.

God bless you all.